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Get the New Art Book: Missunderstandings From Poor Conversations Art book by Marcellous Lovelace


Marcellous Lovelace "missUndertstandings FROM pOor ConversationS" is a intimate Original Indigenous peoples look at some of the paintings and drawing styles Marcellous has created with using the HUEman form in a place of love!

Never create from outside of what you think or feel, at the point you do is when you fail your self! Do the Art that you love, never conform or be lead by colonial oppression.

Never Assimilate or Conform always REVOLT AND RESIST! #marcellouslovelace

Missunderstandings From Poor Conversations Series All of the Paintings / Drawings are Approximately 8.5 X 11 Mixed Media on Paper and Found Material #biko70 / #Raygun81 / #LBS

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