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Animation Reel + MarcellousLovelace

A short animation reel by Marcellous Lovelace 

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No Made up Version of Self this is Raw and Uncut Definitions of Folks and there Masks. FREE YOUR SELF FROM A SLAVE MIND AND WALK AWAY REAL FAST FROM THIS. Don't look back and don't accept what you think is oppressing you.
People dress just alike and i don't like Art History classes, because its not my history. Dont Wear Fear

To describe my thoughts is to define the meanings behind what I create. Every time I paint a picture I channel into a multifaceted story of the past. My art tells the story of my ancestors and all that is great within the African Experience. The series of art entitled Dont Wear Fear is based in the designs, sounds and visions of a place like Memphis, people like Jacob Laurence, and the words of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Memphis is a place to me that is centered in its own time warp separated from the rest of the world, while remaining its own metropolitan composition. Jacob Lawrence is a great painter, like many during the Harlem Renaissance, who contributed his own style to the art world. And Dr. Kings voice resonated heavily throughout a time when justice was so blatantly denied from Africans in America. All of these people and places are a positive influence in my paintings.


Music by Efua Dalmar Nwugo


Watch a silly American cartoon from the #raygun81 series following the life of characters "Fray and Tay" and all of their American Poverty friends doing nothing and not serving any purpose due to endless congress unemployment. Watch as nothing happens after years of trying, bad education and poor eating habits.




see cartoon at |


See the American Poverty stricken guys look for work, believe in nothing and don't gain any money ever.


thank you


Fray and Tay was created by Marcellous Lovelace

Music by Efua Dalmar Nwugo

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